Festive patterns and motifs

We present you with a special category with festive patterns and motifs. To emphasize the uniqueness of such moments, we look for both elegant evening fabrics in appropriate holiday colours, as well as seasonal patterns. Brocade fabrics, glittering, with shiny thread are also characteristic for the festive season.

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Festive fabrics are a separate category to help you choose the right fabric and pattern for your own version of the ‘special season’. Shiny fabrics or fabrics with shiny thread are characteristic for this time of the year. Then we look for evening fabrics, emphasizing the mood of the moment. There are usually deeper colours of green, blue or red. Here, we will find elegant miu, suede or satin fabrics. They combine shiny effect and exceptional quality of material. They are elastic, slippery and soft, flowing and shaping elegantly the body.
The holiday season is also about seasonal designs. It becomes something really special, when we allow ourselves to do something completely different. We look for fabrics with a uniquely festive theme to emphasize the uniqueness of these days.

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