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Delicate, patterned, transparent – lace fabric usually reveals more than it conceals. It attracts the eye, not only as a material for lingerie, but also as a material for elegant creations or as a decorative accessory. It works well in wedding designs in the fashion industry. Openwork patterns, modern fibres and a multitude of colours – discover our range of lace fabrics in our online store.

One does not pass by lace indifferently. Lace is the queen of attracting the eye, most often associated with elements of more-intimate clothing. Lace fabrics can also be found on evening dresses, often as decorative elements of the outfit or underwear. Lace also appears on all kinds of decorative elements. Delicate, patterned, transparent – lace fabric usually reveals more than it conceals. It is often chosen as a material for lingerie, occasional, wedding and evening dresses. The lace is also used to make blouses, and even gloves. Lace adds charm, mystery, and also requires delicacy in use. Lace is characterized by a delicate openwork structure, the quality and durability of which should be taken care of during its use. Today’s laces, especially those used for everyday wear, are made of modern fibres, that extend the life of the fabric. You will find today’s lace in many colours and a multitude of designs. We offer all lace fabrics for dresses, lingerie pieces, and all by the metre! Depending on your preferences, you will find lace with a denser pattern, as well as lighter, more transparent lace. Whether you’re looking in the bricks and mortar store or online, the selection of lace should hold your attention for longer. Remember that lace does not lose its expiry date and will find its place in every collection regardless of the season. Lace material will also be found on sewing accessories in the form of e.g. ribbons. Check our offer.

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