Quilting fabrics

have been generating a lot of interest for years. Great for outerwear and also home decorating ideas, they can also be found on more than a few plush toys. In fact, the ideas are plentiful, and the quilted pattern will inspire generations to come. Quilted fabrics are not always interlaced with thread. Sometimes the pattern is “imprinted” on the fabric and creates a regular geometric texture. Look for inspiration in our offer, because we are always happy to help in choosing the right fabric.

Quilted fabrics have been doing well for years and come in many different forms and patterns. They inspire designers with their structure and, just when we think their time has passed, they return to the front page in new cuts or arrangements. Quilted material is associated with coats, but it has even appeared on stylish handbags. They’ve also been seen on interior decorative elements, where quilted fabric is used to make bedspreads and pillows. Quilted fabrics can also be found as upholstery fabrics. In our offer, you will find quilted fabrics by the metre, which have already inspired many projects. We also follow new quilted fashion trends to select this fabric type according to your preferences. What are the characteristics of quilted fabric? The fabric is sewn through with a decorative thread like a classic down quilt. But that’s not all! Modern technologies allow to apply quilted patterns without embroidery. It is important that the pattern is regular and geometric. Most often, there are smaller or larger forms, squares or rhomboids. As a result, we have a subtle decorative pattern that adds a certain optical lightness. Look for inspiration in our offers, because we are always happy to help you in choosing the right fabric. The world of quilted fabrics knows no limits and encourages creative work. Without a doubt, this fabric will inspire many of your new creations as well as new ways to incorporate quilted fabric into your projects.

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