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Coat fabric, also known known as fleece, is one of our customers’ favourite items in the period leading up to the autumn-winter season. Thick and unpredictable, keeping the warmth and perfectly-matching to any outer garment, the coat fabrics in our offer are always fashionable and available in proven colours.

During the colder days, it is worth having an item of clothing in your closet made of thick overcoat fabric. In this category, we recommend fabrics for stylish outer garments for business-casual wear or for more elegant formal occasions. Thanks to their thick structure, they retain warmth and can always be relied upon when you really need to cover yourself up! In this category, you will find classic fleece – valued in projects for special tasks. Made of thick fabric with modern polyester yarn and available in fashionable colours, we guarantee it will be a hit! Fleece is a typical overcoat fabric that we all know well – nice to the touch, almost like a teddy bear, does not let frosty breezes pass through and also reasonably withstands wet weather. Fabrics in our wholesale warehouse will be a perfect complement to most autumn-winter collections. This high-quality, thick-structured fabric, made of strong and durable polyester thread, will make you return when you have your next idea! You’ll find our coat fabrics in fashionable natural shades. Sophisticated and well-balanced tones are a proven colour choice for coat fabrics. We select our colours to match current trends and meet the tastes of our customers. We regularly draw inspiration from the clothing industry to make sure our offer of thick and winter fabrics meet your expectations.

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Khaki Coat Fabric
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