Choosing the right buttons can be a real headache. Often, we think we already have it, then we suddenly change our mind and get lost elsewhere in the catalogue. Fortunately, it is not always so, which is why our haberdashery offer is here to assist you in finding buttons which will complete your clothing project.

Buttons are a classic and practical addition to garments and an essential decorative element in many designs. Coats, jackets and shirts generally require buttons, though this is not always the case. The shapes you see have been selected with painstaking intricacy. We’ve matched the colours of buttons, thought obsessively about the number of holes, as well as what material each button should be sewn with. On the market we can find buttons with holes and without – on a post. We can choose by material-type, such as plastic, wood, metal and even glass. When choosing buttons, their size is no less important and must match the whole project. The selection of colour and effect is just as important. We can also talk about matte, pearl or fabric buttons. Buttons can have a decorative function, and they can also be devised to disappear into the overall design, so as to be less conspicuous. Choosing the right buttons can take hours, if not days, until you finally hit that one-of-a-kind button design for your jacket or shirt. Buttons can also be the most expensive and key element of a creation. We know gold or crystal buttons that complemented the perfection of exquisite creations. In our haberdashery offer, you will find decorative buttons for coats or jackets, as well as interesting proposals of half-pearls on feet. It is worth following the button category in search of novelties!

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Shank Button 18mm
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