Sewing Accessories

Tailoring accessories of all kinds – from buttons to ribbons, often become the focal point of a creation. They are an essential complement to any tailor’s project, which should be properly selected and thought out. Haberdashery accessories, in addition to their practical use, must fit into the overall concept and harmonize overall. In our offer, are tailoring accessories worth your attention.

Tailoring accessories are an important part of most projects. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine certain items of clothing without buttons. Plastic, wooden, glass or metal buttons are available in a wide range of colours and shapes. Another essential sewing accessory is tape. Here, too, there are endless possibilities of patterns, colours, materials or even the thickness of haberdashery ribbon. In our offer, you will find a selection of haberdashery accessories, such as ribbons, or buttons in the form of pearls. Depending on your idea, adding accessories can be a complement to the idea or its key element. Choosing the right buttons can change your projects over-all style, adding a whole new character to it. The right colour or shape of a button can draw attention to particular design features. Nowadays, the world of sewing accessories is a veritable sea of creative possibilities. Many a classic or slightly boring jacket or pair of pants could be adorned with these little eye-catching elements. We have always been fond of sewing accessories and have introduced them to our range. Discover our button craze and ribbon swirls. Match them to your outfit to complement and accentuate your style. In addition to all fabrics and knits, we offer you the opportunity to select stylish haberdashery accessories both online and in store.

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Shank Button 18mm
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