Faux leather

Faux leather is becoming more and more popular and reliable. Leather-like materials enjoy a growing interest due to increasingly better imitations of real leather as well as possibilities of use. We sew ‘predatory’ pants, breathtaking skirts or jackets. Eco leather is also a material for accessories and decorations.

There is no shortage in fans of leather styling and the increasing availability of various modern forms of eco leather materials encourages experimentation. While browsing fashion trends we come across designs where elements of leather-like fabrics are incorporated with other materials. Synthetic leather can also be found in accessories, handbags and interior decoration elements. Faux-leather materials are gaining popularity due to their ever-improving properties and quality, thanks to which we can style ourselves. No less important is the fact that faux leather is a synthetic product, without the involvement of animals. Modern processing technologies use more and more efficient materials that are available to provide many interesting types of fabrics. The fashion-conscious eye always questions whether a particular jacket or shoe is synthetic leather or a natural material. The current trend in consumer preferences indicate that they indeed favour leather-like substitutes. Clothing fleeces will readily fit into blazers and jackets, as well as fierce pants. Our faux-leather fabrics, sold by the metre, are available in a wide range of colours. We select modern and fashionable colours and choose materials made of high-quality eco-leather. All this is done to positively intensify the effect your work. Eco-leather can also be used as a decorative accessory. It’s been said that leather has no limits 😉 So do not hesitate and choose your favourite colour from our synthetic leather offer.

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