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Any shiny fabric attracts the eye and draws attention to whoever shows up in it. It is a fabric for those who are looking for extravagance, not only on special occasions. Shiny fabrics go perfectly with dresses, as well as shirts and pants. Our shiny fabrics can be used as a component of a garment, as well as a decorative element.

For those looking for extravagance and eye-catching materials, we have a collection of fabrics with a shiny finish. This is a special category for special occasions – but that’s not all. Fabrics with shiny threads are used in everyday stylizations. A wide range of products from this category presents fabrics, which like to catch the light and shine! Evening chopard with a metallic effect would be perfect as a fabric for a dress. It is also an inspiring fabric for spectacular blouses or extravagant costumes. Flowing, pleasant to the touch and reliable, it is unlined and versatile. This shiny fabric with a metallic finish is ideal for extravagant creations or fancy jackets – and it is comfortable to wear. Festive occasions, exquisite dinners or romantic evenings by candlelight are perfectly suited to a smooth and shiny fabric, which compliments the design. You do not need to go crazy with accessories to create a wow effect. If you are thinking about such collection, you won’t find better place! We have silver, red, green and other shiny fabrics to choose from. These are the fabrics we like to use when we need that little extra ‘something’ to add to uniqueness and emotion. These types of fabrics are seen on spectacular dresses for special occasions, where shiny inserts are often obligatory. They do not crease, and the metallic effect always catches the eye. We know that you trust our offer, so we choose only specific shiny fabrics, which will prove themselves in your workspace and of which you will gladly use again. Chopard is an example of a fabric that is comfortable to work with. Smooth and shiny fabrics use high quality yarns that are a pleasure to work with.

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