Faux linen fabrics

Linen is one of the oldest known yarns in history, it’s known for its characteristic weave and naturalness. From its first cuts, flax underwent a revolution as a fabric. Today, in addition to natural threads, we also recommend linen made of synthetic fibres, all sold by the metre. Thanks to this you can enjoy the crude yet simple elegance of linen, while at the same time benefit from less “crumpling” of its fabric.

Flax has been used since ancient times, and fabrics made of natural flax yarn were the first materials to be woven. Flax has gone in and out of popularity over the centuries, but today, linen fabric has been reimagined, becoming a new source of inspiration in fashion. Linen is associated with naturalness and closeness to nature and it’s often seen used in simple, loose and airy creations. It represents stoic elegance and emanates tranquillity. Today’s manufacturing techniques allow for the production of linen from synthetic fibres and such linen can also be found in our store. The airiness and characteristic weave of linen material is the main source of inspiration for a lot of new designs. This material adds a kind of versatility to clothing. Thanks to new possibilities in manufacturing, linen fabric is airy, and with synthetic fibres, it’s not as prone to creasing as natural linen. Thanks to this, the material’s range of use has been broadened and we can all enjoy a new era of linen fabric. In our offer, you will find linen in different colours, as well as linen sold by the metre in interesting patterns. We invite you to take inspiration from the gallery of our store.

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