Fabric Printed Jungle Leaves Blue


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Fulfilling an order starting from 50 meters.
Waiting time is 3-7 working days.

Very popular JUNGLE FLOWERS pattern. The composition of the most fashionable colours on the dark background makes the pattern unique.
We print the hottest patterns for you, we look for fabrics and textures that will rock your designs.

You can order our own designs on the fabric of your choice from our assortment: Indo is lightweight fabric made of 95% high quality polyester and 5% spandex. The fabric does not crease and is slightly elastic. It is suitable for airy dresses, blouses, shirts, tunics. In addition, it is incredibly delicate and pleasant to the touch and airy, which makes it ideal for fashionable outfits regardless of the season.

High quality chiffon is recommended for delicate, flowy dresses, formal gowns, delicate blouses, shirts or loose tunics. Moreover, it is perfect for various decorations.The material perfectly combines with other fabrics. The offered chiffon is woven of thin, but strong polyester yarns, is characterized by high quality and extraordinary lightness (only 100 g/m2). The fabric has a pleasant, delicate touch and high breathability.

Barbie: Soft, smooth, plastic and resistant to creasing. The fabric has a delicate, diagonal weave. It does not show through and is characterized by an incredible durability thanks to the polyester fibers. Currently, it is one of the most frequently purchased items in our wholesale store. We recommend it for dresses, tunics, jackets, pants and skirts. The material is easy to sew.n

Chopard: the fabric is flowing and springy. It does not crease, does not require the use of a lining. The material is ideal for jackets, pants, dresses, shorts. Made of high quality polyester fibers with spandex. The fabric is elastic both – in length and width. Easy to sew.

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Weight 180 g/mb
Dimensions 150 cm


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Fabric Printed Jungle Leaves Blue
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