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Jacquards knit fabrics

Jacquards have been used over the centuries and were once only associated with very expensive materials for sophisticated outfits. Classic jacquard is a fabric with a non-uniform structure, usually with a leitmotif in the form of a shiny pattern. Today, jacquard knits are available on a large scale as a much more affordable material. We use synthetic fibres with high elasticity, as well as mixing different types of threads to achieve the jacquard knit effect.


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  • Banana (1)
  • Beige (1)
  • Black (2)
  • Blue (3)
  • Burgundy (1)
  • Candy (1)
  • Cappuccino (1)
  • Coral (5)
  • Dark Red (1)
  • Ecru (1)


  • 90% Polyester 5% Spandex 5% Rayon (1)
  • 95% Polyester 5% Spandex (42)


  • Spring-Summer (43)
  • Autumn-Winter (25)


  • Translucent (1)
  • Smooth (46)
  • For Printing (6)
  • For Pleating (2)
  • Airy (1)

Best to use

Best to use
  • Suits (44)
  • Skirts (5)
  • Shorts (1)
  • Pants (45)
  • Jackets (45)
  • Dresses (5)
  • Coveralls (44)

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Today, jacquard is a popular knit fabric for dresses, costumes, jackets. It is especially suitable, when looking for material for formal clothing projects. It is still distinguished by its heterogeneous thread, most often a combination of several colours and a specific pattern. jacquard material adds gravity and classic elegance. It also works well for light helmets, vests or even stylized shorts. jacquard knitwear from our offer is a selection of materials characterized by the weave of multicoloured threads. The most common and most popular pattern is a colourful check pattern. However, in our offer, you will find that these threads may be of the same thickness or their density may be mixed in one pattern. Classic jacquard is not uniformly smooth, and the most expensive versions of jacquard have beautiful patterns woven into the structure of the knit, shining depending on the angle of view. Jacquard, available in our store, is a good material for formal dresses and costumes. Jacquard knit is another proposed material from our knitted fabrics offer, which is often used for jackets, blazers, and other clothing items where a thicker thread and an elegant pattern is needed, but not necessarily formal. Thanks to the knitted weave and synthetic threads, we can enjoy the flexibility of the fabric and stretch in every direction. For formal, office wear, this is an invaluable property. Jacquard is a versatile material and is good for experimentation. It is worth looking into this knit and checking it out in your collection.

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